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Training Times

All sessions held at

Contract gym and Fitness Centre


6-7pm New recruits - new intake for 2021/22 £8

7-9pm Adult Rookies (trainees who are at or working toward Trainee Show) £10


6-7pm New recruits - new intake for 2021/22 £8

7-9pm Adult Semi Pro (trainees who are at or working towards pro show level) £10




11am-3pm Open to ALL ages and abilities £15*

*Please bring lunch and a drink 

Contract Wrestling Academy set out to offer wrestling training to the people of Northumberland. Not only were we the first to bring wrestling training to Bedlington but also to offer training to such a broad age range.

Our goals are clear, to train our students to a professional level, to promote fitness, discipline, respect and above all to have fun doing it.

We have achieved so much in a short time thanks to the dedication of our trainees and their families as well as the hard work of our team.

Now it's your chance to join the CWA Wrestling Family and become part of something fantastic!



The safety of our students is at the top of our agenda, to ensure this we teach them discipline, structure, etiquette and respect for themselves and those they will meet, both inside and outside of the wrestling community.

As part of the training sessions the students will learn the psychology behind wrestling, understanding how they can control their bodies, balance and movement, moving onto finding what works for them.

We understand that not all wrestlers are the same. We will work with the students to find their fit, whether this be a more independent style or true sports entertainment. We will develop their talents and have regular assessments to make sure that we are helping them to focus on their natural skills.

We will provide feedback at the end of each session, regular sessions of in ring training and we will be hosting PPV days so they get the chance to see where their hard work and dedication can take them.

Alongside Assassin we will have frequent training sessions with other wrestlers, providing a varied and extensive range of techniques.

We offer a supportive, encouraging environment whilst also promoting self awareness, respect and self esteem.

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