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Contract Gym and Fitness Centre (Shop Fr
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Contract Gym & Fitness Centre

Opening Times

Monday - thursday         6am - 9pm

Friday                                     6am - 8pm

Saturday                               8am - 3pm

Sunday                                   10am - 2pm

Our fantastic training team, each bring their own knowledge and experience to the gym!

Brian (Assassin) has over 20 years wrestling experience, having trained many wrestlers on the North East Scene and beyond his ability to bring out the best in his trainees is beyond measure. Brian has wrestled many household names such as Seamus, Christian and D'Lo Brown and his knowledge of the industry is unprecedented.

Gaz has over 20 years martial arts experience and comes with amazing kickboxing credentials to boot. gareth currently runs gdc fitness, hiitstep northumberland and east meets west blackbelt academy.

jordan has an amazing level of energy and fitness, trained in multiple disciplines, jordan is fantastic at getting his clients into amazing shape, his results truly speak for themselves!


X-Jack is the poster boy for change, starting as a CWA trainee he has proved himself to be dedicated and skilled in all areas of fitness and works closely with our clients who are looking to increase mobility, rebuild and strengthen post injury and  looking to start their fitness journey.

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